Chest Tapping & Deer Bones

Photo by Bob Stovern

Photo by Bob Stovern

Chest Tapping & Deer Bones
April 8, 2015

The deer bones came up in the yard on the spring weekend my secret nightly shamanic journeys beneath the stars reached a level of silent fevered pitch that I could not explain. I was reaching into soul world to solve one of the seemingly insolvable, and maybe insoluble soul wounds of my life when the bones answered.

I had moved so much debris in Spirit World that I needed to satiate this movement with an impulse for an annual spring burn. Fortunately, Bob agreed to my manic need to light a match and burn the pile of limbs from behind the shed. That’s when the bones came up from the center … Continue reading »

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The Secret Crazy Language Of The Universe

The Secret Crazy Language Of The Universe
April 1, 2015

I love creatively approaching my spiritual coaching practice, especially when it comes to psychically working with Spirit World, the Universe and interpreting the tea leaves of people’s lives. Admittedly, sometimes that creativity tips over the edge into the space of such ludicrousness that the ridiculous begins to make sense. That’s when my people say, “Oh, my God, that makes so much sense,” even though what I’ve just said is completely illogical.

This is the world where car batteries, bedbugs, bra underwires and jelly beans all relate.

If you know how this works, you’re already in on The Secret Crazy Language Of The Universe. If you … Continue reading »

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Breaking Code

Breaking Code
March 25, 2015

Occasionally, I surprise myself and break with my coaching codes of gently and intuitively nudging people through their landscapes and . . .

I tell people to “be bold” and “shock yourself.” I encourage self-surprise-ment. I tell 70-somethings recovering from near death and a toxic marriage to “burn a bra” and “hang up a picture of Gloria Steinem and Janis Joplin” and have a revolution in your living room. I tell 50-somethings in career transitions to put on a Supersuit and embrace their super powers like The Incredibles and laugh with pinache. Ha! Ha! Ha! Haaaa! I remind 60-something amazing souls who brought the consciousness revolution alive in Chicago to know that their love of life is not … Continue reading »

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Marriage Transit

Marriage Transit
March 9, 2015

For the longest time, Bob has been the center of my gravitational pull, grounding me as I danced the crazy evolutionary dance of healing lifetimes of wounds — leaving and returning as always promised, in a rhythm only the sun and moon understood. Somehow, he knew how to let me and it worked.

Now, as the rocks settle beneath my feet in more calm, no longer gyrating as my fractal star world, it’s Bob’s turn as he unfetters into orbit, untethered from earth as he’s known it. I am his gravitational center as the Universe woos and beckons him in the warp and weft of transformational ways.

It doesn’t escape my attention, the unmerited apples to oranges comparison, … Continue reading »

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Heart Of The Dragon

Heart Of The Dragon
February 10 2015

Years ago my father posted to his bulletin board a mimeographed (you remember those) cartoon of a big scary dragon sitting and picking it’s teeth with a knight’s sword. The knight was gone (eaten) with his knightly paraphernalia scattered around. The dragon smugly picked his teeth with the knight’s sword, his belly bulging. The caption read, “Sometimes, the dragon wins.”

I was ten. I wasn’t sure what to make of the cartoon and what it was saying about fairy tales and life, but I had a hunch there was more. This pre-dated Far Side and Calvin and Bloom County and Get Fuzzy. We were poised for a cartoon … Continue reading »

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Goodbye Marianne

Goodbye Marianne
February 2, 2015

Something is strange in my belly.
It’s changing.
The things and people I protected
for my own survival
is morphing
in my belly –
like a beast that’s been alive
yet sleeping for ages, lifetimes.

But I know the best lives now,
and it’s time for the rest to go.

I can no longer hide
from my power.
I have to claim the beast
and the power within.

That means I’ll be sacrificing
the sacred cows —
the me that always protected others
for the sake of getting by.
For the sake of only surviving.

But I don’t want to just survive.
I don’t want to always worry about just surviving.
I want to thrive.
And to thrive… Continue reading »

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Stage Hermit

Stage Hermit
January 28, 2015

In large groups, I’d rather blend in. Sit back. Even disappear. Watch. Observe. Notice without being noticed. Slip through.

I’m a regular high sensitive introvert — sociable if you meet me in person or in very small groups, but quiet in crowds.

But something strange happens when someone gives me the microphone and puts me on stage. I’m not shy. I come alive. The bells of my soul ring. The whistles of heart sound. Something stirs. Deep. It all comes alive in front of the crowd. It wails through like a soft, joyous storm that can’t go without saying, that can’t go without being seen. This is the inspirational joy of my heart coming alive and singing with … Continue reading »

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